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Abuja Eagle

General Descriptions

Name of Vessel:

Delta Princess
Year Built: 2001
Call Sign.: 5NBBA
Official No.: 377183
Port of Registry : Lagos


145 ft. (44.3m)
Breadth: 27 ft. (8.2m)
Draft: 5.5ft. (1.7m)
B.H.P: (3x1350) 4050 (BHP)
G.R.T 257 Tons


77 Tons
Water Jets: Three (3)
Speed: 30 knots
Passenger Seating Capacity: 64 seat
Passenger Loading Plat Form/Stern: Yes
VHF Radio at FWD/AFT, Controls: Two (2) @ each control
Hand-held VHF Radio: Two (2) with charger
SSB Radio/Programmable F: 1 x icom M710


2 x Furuno FR. 7062
G.P.S. Receiver: 2 x Furuno GP. 80
Depth Sounder: 1 x Furuno FCV-667
Epirb : 1 x ACR 7864
Auto Pilot: One (1)
Clear Deck Space: 80ft. x 22ft.
Deck Load Capacity: . 150lt
Fuel Capacity: 12,000 Gallons
Fuel Transfer Pump: 1
Calibrated Fuel Discharging Metre: 1
Calibrated Fuel Loading Metre: 1

Portable Water Capacity:

22,000 Gallons
Portable Water Transfer Pump: 1
Sewage Treatment Plant: 1 x Headhunter RF-50B
Oily Bilge Water Separator: 1 x Facet CPS 1.6E
Spray Booms With Mixing Pump: 1 x Crucial DSE-208
Fire Monitors on Top of W. House 1 x 6" Stang 104181-41 Manual & Aurora 6x8x20
Folding Deck Cranes 1 x Morgan 3 ton-model 800
Life Saving Apparatus:
Life Raft (3): 1x20 man x 2x30 man
Life Jacket: 72 units with lights & whistles
Life Rings: 3 with floating line

Distress flares:

6 Red & 6 Orange

Fire Extinguishers:

Two (2) Fire/bilge pumps: Two (2) units
Fixed (Co2): 2 - at Engine/Gen. Rooms
Portable Fire Extinguishers: Located according to class in each compartment
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