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Maritime Company

Our History

Fymak Marine & Oil Services Nigeria Limited is a wholly indigenous company established in 1988 to provide off-shore marine vessels to the oil and gas industry in Nigeria. Fymak’s staff strength is key to our success. Currently, Fymak provides employment to 150 highly skilled Nigerian personnel.

The actual involvement of Fymak Marine in offshore marine services was mid-wifed by Mobil when in 1989 the company awarded us our very first contract for the supply of a fast parol boat, MV Tiger Bay . In spite of our limited experience in this sector, Mobil identified our company as a committed player. Needless to say, Fymak was at the time the only wholly Nigerian boat owner working for Mobil.

As if to underscore its commitment to the growth of Fymak, Mobil in quick succession awarded two more contracts to Fymak in 1990 and 1991 for the supply of a crew supply vessel, M V Tampa Eagle and a self-propelled barge, MV Sindara . We on our part worked hard to justify Mobil’s confidence in our company by ensuring satisfactory performance of Fymak Crew and seaworthiness of our vessels.

It was a measure of the confidence that Mobil had in our increasing mastering of offshore service delivery, that in 1998, our company was invited to tender for the supply of purpose-built new vessels to meet the requirement of Mobil at the beginning of the new century. Our bid was successful, and between 2000 and 2001, Fymak built and acquired four state-of-the-art crew supply vessels – MV Abuja Eagle, MV Omambala, MV Qua Iboe River and MV Delta Princess, all of which are currently working for Mobil. Indeed our track record at Mobil contributed in no small way to our securing a contract with Chevron in 2003 to provide two new crew supply vessels the MV Chinyelugo and the MV Ugodie which got delivered in 2008 and 2009 respectively. Fymak Marine & Oil Services Nigeria Limited has continued to soar for the last decade as such in 2018 we acquired another state of the art vessel to add to our fleet, the MV Ononeze solely through equity.

Fymak has now spread its wings beyond the provision of vessels by tapping into its wealth of experience providing procurement services, management services and engineering services to help boost the continued growth of the oil and gas industry in Nigeria and Africa as whole.

Fymak is guided by the vision and principles of hard-work, efficient performance and customer satisfaction. our goals is the singular focus of our team of professionals and board of directors, whose experience and expertise will drive Fymak’s vision to fruition to actualize an endearing success and continuously dependable company come 2020.